Bully Spray Gun and Empty 1 litre Screw Tin


Includes Underbody Spray gun and 1 litre Screw Tin.

Includes Underbody Spray gun and an empty 1 litre Screw Tin.

Made in Australia, Bully Rubber Liner is one tough coating. It’s made from recycled tyres and even better, it’s non-toxic and water based making it easy to use and easy to clean up.

Bullyliner is easily applied by either brush, roller or Bullyliner spray gun.

Applications are endless, from car styling, to complete vehicle application.

Bullyliner provide a great environmentally friendly alternative to two-pack epoxy’s and hazardous products on the market.

With Bullyliner, re-application at any stage is simple…. Just clean the surface and and re-apply by brush, roller or spray, its that easy!

Weight 400 g


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